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JSC TANECO declares that one of the project priorities is its ecological orientation.

The primary project objective is to release production meeting ecological standards and minimizing production processes impact on the environment.

JSC TANECO policy, upon the whole, anticipates observance of all national and international health, environmental and industrial safety norms and standards applicable to the construction and operation of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex.

Key corporate environmental principles are as follows:

Involvement of all personnel of the Company in achieving environmental targets to ensure personnel environmental awareness;

Implementation of the best available technologies, wise use of natural energy resources;

Identification and mitigation of the potential environmental risks in the production processes and during engineering and construction of new facilities;

Environmental monitoring of Companys activities.

Open to dialogue with public, governmental authorities and mass media concerning insurance of the environmental safety and presentation of OJSC TANECO environmental protection strategy;

Regular assessment and control of Companys activities impact on the environment, fulfillment of environmental obligations incurred by the Company;

Use of assessment results at taking decisions to mitigate and minimize negative impact on the environment and improve environmental management system;

Ensuring the functioning of Environmental management system on the basis of International Standards MS ISO 14001.

Engineering of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex

Unified sanitary protection zone of Nizhnekamsk industrial area

Products of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex

Atmospheric air protection

Water resources protection

Environment protection from acoustical effect

Waste treatment

Monitoring of the Complex effect on the environmental condition

Environmental education

Communications and cooperation

Environmental management system



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