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The construction of global level Refining and Petrochemical Complex — the first in its high technologenicy in Russia and CIS countries — will envisage further strengthening of RT and RF economic potentials at large. The Project implementation will allow to practice innovation activities stimulation control and introduce new technologies with far-reaching economic effects, will give impulse to branch science development, engineering entities, will encourage work of construction industries, chemical engineering industry and transport.

The Project implementation will enable a creation of a neat petrochemical cluster, will build a number of cascade macro economical advantages, related for one thing to small and middle-size business development due to formation of a wide infrastructure of low-tonnage chemical enterprises processing petrochemical products fed from the Complex into finished products.

The company Tatneft decided the social issues together with the production issues from the first days of the construction beginning. The unique possibility was created to provide affordable and comfortable housing to all the workers and the specialists involved in the Project. Today TANECO possesses the following:

- 7 houses of total area 122 thousand m2;

- kindergarten of 280 places;

- modern sanatorium-preventorium of 140 places.

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