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Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex will produce 18 kinds ofoil deep conversion products— starting from engine fuels ofEuropean Standards tofeeding components for awide range production ofunclaimed petrochemical products.

Figure: Oil Refining and Petrochemical production

Type of products Product output,
thous. t/y
1. Propane, Grade A
Propane, Grade B
Feedstock for pyrolysis, liquefied utility gas, cooling agent
2. N-butane 10,3 Liquefied utility gas, feed for chemical rubber production
3. Iso-butane 0,4 Feedstock for polymerization, alcylation units
4. Petrochemical pentane 140,9 Pyrolisis feed, feed for isomerization unit
5. Petrochemical hexane 153,2 Pyrolisis feed, feed for isomerization unit
6. Petrochemical naphtha 346,8 Pyrolysis feed
7. Kerosene 752,1 Jet fuel
8. Gasoline 850 Motor fuel
9. European Grade Diesel 2396 Motor fuel
10. Sulfure 293,1 Chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp-and-paper, agricultural industries
11. Light catalytic gasoil (fuel oil) 201,4 Fuel oil for the stationary steam boiler plants and process units
12. Benzene 28 250 types of the petrochemical products
13. Linear Alcyl Benzene (LAB) 80 Synthetic detergents
14. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) 245 Polyester fiber, video-, audio-, photographic films, packages for food
15. Polyethylene 195,5 Film, packaging material, fiber production; feed for molded products
16. Power generation, MW 267 For power consumers
17. Base motor oil 101,7 Production of the lube motor oils
18. Base dielectric oil 88,2 Production of dielectric oil

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