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A Delayed Coking Unit Was Commissioned at the TANECO Complex

The delayed coking unit with the capacity of 2 million tonnes of raw material per year was successfully launched in the equipment comprehensive testing mode at the TANECO Complex on July 3.

Commissioning of this installation will allow TANECO increasing the refining depth to 95 per cent, stopping the production of dark oil products and reaching the "zero" level of fuel oil residue. When running at the full capacity the delayed coking installation will produce 700 thousand tonnes of petroleum coke per year. The products of the delayed coking process will also include sour gas, naphtha (unstable gasoline), light gas oil and heavy gas oil.

The delayed coking process is one of the most effective in solving the problem of increasing the crude oil refining depth, since it allows derivingadditional resources of the distillate feedstock from petroleum residues that can be successfully upgraded to turn into motor fuel.The delayed coking technology is applied on a large scale in the world to produce electrode and fuel coke and a significant amount of distillate products. 

"Lukoil-Nizhegorodniinefteproekt" Company acted in the role of a general design contractor, while LLC "US Neftehimzavodstroy", "SMU-7", LLC "Spetsenergomontazh", and LLC "Spetsprommontazh" acted as general construction contractors.

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TANECO–Tatarstan Oil Refining Complex The implementation of the project "Refining and Petrochemical Plants Complex in Nizhnekamsk" was launched in 2005 starting development of a new phase of the Tatarstan crudeoil refining industry. The main investor and coordinator of the project is TATNEFT Company, general design contractor is JSC "VNIPIneft" and JSC ZENIT Bank is the financial consultant. The primary objectives of the Company include: crude oil processing at the site of its production, substitution of crude oil exports with the exports of petroleum products, improving the environmental situation in the region. December 2011 witnessed putting into operation a plant for primary processing of oil. In 2014, they put the combined hydrocracking installation into operation. The refinery started production of Euro-5 diesel fuel and aviation kerosene of grades RT, TC-1, Jet A-1, base oils of groups II and III. June 2015 witnessed the start of base oils commercial production as part of the combined hydrocracking installation. Current metrics: design feed rate - 8.9 million tonnes, refining depth - 73.2%, the yield of light oil products - 70.6%. The construction of the advanced crude oil processing plant is under way, including construction of the units of delayed coking, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming and isomerization. At the same time the construction of another plant for primary oil processing is under way: CDU-AVT-6. Forward looking metrics: design feed rate - 14 million tonnes per year, depth of processing - 95%, light oil products yield - 90%, dark - 0. The TANECO Complex of Refining and Petrochemical Plants is a strategic project of the TATNEFT Company. The enterprise is one of the most up-to-date in the industry across the Russian Federation. Totally the Complex produces about twenty kinds of products.

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