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Nail U. Maganov

Nail U. Maganov The Chairman of Current Board of Directors of JSC TANECO, General Director of PJSC TATNEFT

Nail U.Maganov was born in 1958. In 1983 graduated from Moscow Petrochemical and Gas Institute named after I.M.Gubkin.

 In 1976 began his working career in NGDU Elkhovneft. In this subdivision he worked till 1991 as bore-hole surveying operator, process engineer, supervisor, chief engineer, Deputy Head of Shop # 5. In 1991 was appointed Deputy Head of Capital Construction Division in NGDU Zainskneft. Within 1998 - 2000 worked as Head of Oil and Oil Products Sales Department First Deputy General Director of Oil and Oil Products Refining and Sales Department. Since 2004 currently - First Deputy General Director of JSC Tatneft Head of Oil and Oil Products Sales Division. Since 2014 General Director of JSC TATNEFT.
Nail U.Maganov was conferred the rank of honored Oil Industry Worker of RF Fuel and Energy Ministry. In 2010 was awarded with the Order of Merit to the Republic of Tatarstan.

Directors' Board members:


 Tagir S.Aynullow Head of Hydrocarbon Feedstock Processing Departament, Grude Oil and Petroleum Producst Sales Division, PJSC Tatneft

Tagir Aynullov was born in 1971.
In  1990 he graduatet from Almetyevsk Building College as a Civil Engineering Technician specialized in Industrial and Civil Construction; in 2016 Kazan State University specializing in the field of Organics Chemical Technologies.

Within the period of 1990 - 1994 worked as a drilltr assistant in Almetyevsk Oil Recovery Enhancement and Workover Operations Departament of PO Tatneft. Within the period of 1994 - 2013 he worked in oil-and-gas production departament Elkhovneft (Mechanical Technician, Process Operator, Shift Supervisor, Leand Process Engineer,Unit Supervisor, Chief Process Engineer). 

In 2013 he was appointed as a Head of Raw Hydrocarbons Processing Departament in JSC Tatneft Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Sales Division.

Leonid S. Alkhin the Chairman of the Management Board, JSC TANECO General Director

Leonid S. Alekhin was born in 1955. In 1980 he graduated from Kazan Chemical and Technological Institute, Chemical Process Engineer specialized in synthetic rubber chemical engineering.

1973 1975 locksmith at different enterprises of Chapaevsk city. 1975 1991 worked at Nizhnekamskneftekhim as operator, shift man, head of division, deputy production shop head, production shop head, Deputy Chief Engineer of ethylene propylene diene monomer plant. 1991 heading the small business company Poliform- termo.1997 Chief Engineer, Director of OAO TAIF Nizhnekamsk branch TAIF NK. 2000 2002 Head of Nizhnekamsk branch of Tatneft Nizhnekamsk. 2002 2003 First Deputy General Director Production Director of JSC Nizhnekamsk Refinery, Director of polystyrene and gas condensate processing plant of JSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim. 2003 General Director of JSC Kazanorgsintez. Since June 2012 General Director of OJSC TANECO.

Leonid Alkhin has been ranked as the Honored Chemist of RT and Honored Chemist of RF. He was awarded RT Labour Merit Medal and Letter of Gratitude from RT President. Leonid Alkhin is a winner of the Republic competition Manager of the year 2004 in nomination of Best Manager of Chemical and Petrochemical Company.

Alexander A. Babynin

Alexander A.Babynin  Director of OOO INKO-TEK

Alexander A. Babynin was born in 1972, graduated from Priazovsk State Technical University with the specialization in Thermal physics, Automation and Ecology of Heating Units in Metallurgy.

Professional experience: 1994-1995 environmental engineer in NPP Donbassecology. 1995- 2003 - OAO IPT Orgneftekhimzavody (a process engineer of the second, the first category, a lead engineer, PNU. 2003 2005 Deputy Chief Engineer for Production, OAO Nizhnekamskiy NPZ. 2005- 2006 Chief Engineer, Refinery of ZAO TAIF-NK. July 2006 General Director of ZAO TAIF-NK. Since December 2011 Director of OOO INKO-TEK.

Babynin A. was awarded a title of Honored Chemist of Tatarstan Republic, laureate of TP State Prize for Science and Technology.

Nikolay M. Glazkov

Nikolay M. Glazkov the Deputy General Director of PJSC Tatneft for Capital Construction

Nikolay M. Glazkov, born in 1960 in Zainsk Region of the Republic of Tatarstan, graduated from Almetyevsk  Building College in 1979 specializing in Industrial and Civil Building Construction, technician-builder; in 1988 - finished Kazan Construction Engineering Institute, specializing in Industrial and Civil Building Construction, building engineer; in 2003 finished the Academy of National Economy at RF Government, EURO-Management, Master of Business Administration.

He started his labour activities in 1981 in Construction Company, SMU-51, where he had worked to 1999 (as millwright, safety engineer, section foreman, Chief Engineer, Head of the Construction Division). In 1999 was appointed Deputy Head of Administration of Almetyevsk Region and Almetyevsk City for Construction and Communication, in 2001 was promoted to the position of the First Deputy of Head of Administration. For the period of 2005 to 2010 he worked as Head of the Capital Construction Division of JSC Tatneft,  from May 2010 on he is Deputy General Director of JSC Tatneft for Capital Construction.

Nikolay M. Glazkov is The Merited Builder of the RT, The Honorable Oil Producer of JSC Tatneft, The Merited Builder of the RF.

Farit H. Davletshin

Farit H. Davletshin Head of the Investments Management of PJSC Tatneft

Farit H. Davletshin was born in 1952 in the city of Ufa. In 1975 he graduated from Bashkirien State University specializing on the Science of Law, legal advisor.
Since 1976 he works for PO tneft. In the period of 1976-1984 he worked at NGDU (Oil and Gas Production Management) lmetyevsk (legal advisor, senior legal advisor, deputy head of the scientific and production management ( & ). In 1984 thru1985 he worked in NGDU Jalilneft as Head of the Scientific and Production Management. In 1985 he was appointed the Head of the Legal Department of PO Tatneft. In 1986 he was promoted to the Town of Langepas as the Deputy Head of the Scientific and Production Management ( & ) of the Special Branch of PO Tatneft. In 1989 through1996 he worked as the Head of the Labor and Wages Department of JSC Tatneft, then during the 5 years he headed the department of New Structures in Tatneft. Since 2001 he has been working as the Head of the Investments Management of JSC Tatneft.
F.Kh. Davletshin has honorary titles of Honorary Oil Producer of Tatneft, Merited Oil Producer of the Republic of Tatarstan.



Valery D.Ershov Head of Legal Departament,PJSC Tatneft

Valery D. Ershov born in 1949, graduated from Kazan State University named after Ulyanov-Lenin, lawyer specializing in jurisprudentce.

In 1968 1970 did military service/ 1971 Mehanical technician at Omsk aircraft plant. 1971 - 1972 Laboratory assistance of Strength of Materials departament of the Omsk Higher Combined Arms Commanding, twice the Order of the Red Banner Academy named after M.V. Frunze. 1972 - 1992 Ministry of Internal Affairs (inverstigator, inquiry officer, Head of investigation department, Deputy Head for Almetevsk City and District Departament of Internai Affairs)/ 1992 - 1995 head of Foreign Economic Activities Bureau JSC ALNAS.1995 - 1998 Director of Taurus Ltd. 1998 appointed as hte Head of Legal sections of PJSC Tatneft (in 2002 Legal Section was reorganized into Legal Departament).

V. D. Ershov was awartded the medals "In memory of millennium of Kazan", "Commemoration of three-billion ton of Tatarstan oil", the title of Honorable Oil Producer of PJSC Tatneft.

   Nikolay P.Zaikin Head of Construction Projects Management Departament, PJSC Tatneft

Nikolay P. Zaikin born in 1963, graduated from Almetyevsk Building College in 1982 specializing in Industriak and Civil Construction, graduated from Crimea Institute for Environmental and Health Resort Engineering in 1992 specializing in Industrial and Civil Construction.

In 1982 - 1984 did military service, 1984 - 1987 section foreman of Civil Engineering Managing Office of Far East Shipping Company.

Rinat K. Sabirov

Rinat K. Sabirov Assistant to RT President.

Rinat K. Sabirov was born in 1967. In 1991 he graduated from the Kazan State University, physics faculty, in 1994 he completed post-graduate courses in Kazan State Technological University. Candidate of Chemistry.

Before 1996 Kazan State Technological University (postgradutate student, research associate, assistant at the physical and colloid chemistry department). 1996 2003 JSC Tatneftekhiminvest-holding (chief specialist, head of marketing department). June 2003 Chief Assistant in the Organization Department at RT Presidents Office. August 2003 Adviser to RT Prime Minister on oil and gas and chemical issues. July 2006 Lead of the department dealing with the oil and gas and chemical issues at RT Cabinet of Ministers. Since June 2012 Assistant to RT President.

Eugeniy A. Tikhturov

Eugeniy A. Tikhturov Head of Finance Division, PJSC Tatneft

Eugeniy A.Tikhturovwas born in 1960. In 1982 graduated from Moscow University of Management named after S.Ordzhonikidze specialized in management of machine industry, Engineer-Economist. Upon graduation form the University he was called up for military service.

In 1984 began his working career in NGDU Yamashneft, JSC Tatneft as Engineer of Scientific Labor and Production Management Department. Until 1987 worked as Chief Engineer, Deputy Head and Head of Scientific Labor and Production Management Department. Several years worked as Deputy Head of Economic Affairs Department, Deputy Head of Economics Division Chief Accountant, Deputy Head of Economics and Finance Department of NGDU Yamashneft. Since 1999 currently - Head of Finance Division in JSC Tatneft.

E.Tikhturov was conferred the rank of Honored Oil Industry Worker and Economist of Tatarstan Republic, was awarded with the Diploma of Merit from RF and RT Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Medals for Valorous Labor and in Memory of 1000s Anniversary of Kazan.  

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